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Alaskan Way

Pier 70 to Royal Brougham Way

Distance: 2.1 miles

SURFACE: Excellent asphalt greets you from just north of the Seattle Aquarium, all the way south of the Kingdome to Royal Brougham Way. Recently laid concrete runs from Pier 70, that’s the Myrtle Edwards end, to Pier 66. At that point, you cross Alaskan Way to an excellent asphalt trail.

TERRAIN: Flat from end to end and back again.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginners avoid this trail until you feel confident you can stop suddenly, roll rough concrete, and maneuver through crowds without provoking a lynching--namely yours. Advanced rollers, Alaskan Way, especially with from Yesler to Royal Brougham, offers a challenge you won’t want to miss.

ACCESS: From the north, you come down Broad Street to Alaskan Way. From the south, come across on Royal Brougham or up on 1st Avenue South. Madison, Yesler, Main and Jackson all intersect with Alaskan Way.

PARKING: The lot at Pier 70 (Broad Street) gives you access to Myrtle Edwards and Alaskan Way. All spaces metered until 6:00 p.m. There are parking lots opposite the Seattle Waterfront Park, and more spaces under the Alaskan Way viaduct (99). With the trail extension to Royal Brougham, you will find more parking along RR Way (near Kingdome).