Skating To Better Health



The information presented in this section is intended for those people who skate as a part of their regular exercise program. Skating for fitness adds a unique benefit to your fitness program, whether you skate for the great aerobic benefits, or focus in on the anaerobic and strength training. Much of the information can apply to many different skating disciplines, and is meant to give you a knowledge base which can be used for life. You certainly don't have to compete to be considered a "fitness skater"!

While most of our information is presented in the form of articles, we draw upon fitness information from all different sources that have any application whatsoever to skating. Whether you are embarking on a weight-loss program or are seeking that last 5% of your performance envelope, we want to help you meet your goals with all the fun and excitement that skating has to offer.


Fitness Benefits of Inline Skating Are Huge!

Overuse Injuries

Off Season Fitness

Interval Training

Heart Rate Training Basics

Core Fitness

Dry-Land Drills